All Epping Forest council car parks retain national safety award

Epping Forest District Council is pleased to announce that the following car parks have received the prestigious Park Mark, the Safer Parking Scheme award that recognises car parks with measures in place that actively deter crime and the fear of crime in car parks.

The car parks awarded are:

A Park Mark is awarded to parking facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association. The assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage, and cleanliness. These criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Councillor Sam Kane, Portfolio Holder for Customer and Partnerships at Epping Forest District Council said: “Epping Forest District Council is proud to support the Safer Parking Scheme for safer, brighter and cleaner car parks. Ensuring safety of people and their vehicles in our car parks is our priority and we are pleased to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all customers.”

Graham Chapman, British Parking Association Area Manager said: “It has been a pleasure during my last full working month of February before retirement as Area Manager for Essex to be able to announce that once again Epping Forest District Council have achieved retention of all 22 Park mark awards.

“Following consultation between myself and The Parking Team Amanda Hoadley and Gillian Seelig, the council is already putting in place arrangements to repaint the fading bay markings in twelve car parks to ensure that they continue to maintain the high standards required for accreditation.

“This shows a very strong commitment to the visiting public in this Part of Essex that they can be assured this council is doing everything possible to ensure that all their car parks are bright, clean and pleasing environments in which to park safely.“

Car parks with the Park Mark award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark tick, so that drivers know exactly where to go for safer parking. Early adopters of the scheme saw a dramatic drop in vehicle-related crime of over 80% showing that the initiative really does make a difference.

Photo: Sam Kane, Portfolio Holder for Customer and Partnerships at Epping Forest District Council

Posted in Latest Awards by ParkMark on 14 March 2022