New for Newark Lorry Park: Park Mark Freight award

Facility for lorry drivers and hauliers is first recipient of Park Mark Freight in East Midlands.

Park Mark Freight is a new and comprehensive assessment managed by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives and the British Parking Association that seeks to enhance the highest quality of today’s lorry parks and facilities in services and operations. The extension of Safer Parking to truck stops and lorry parks meets a growing demand for efficient, well-managed and high-quality lorry parks and truck stops in order to combat vehicle and cargo crime.

Park Mark Freight builds upon the Safer Parking Scheme’s Park Mark® Award by introducing essential criteria. The Park Mark® is primarily aimed at the prevention of criminal behaviour within the parking environment and requires owners/operators to adopt an active management strategy to ensure that there is minimal occurrence of crime. The freight industry experiences a high volume of cargo theft and the main Safer Parking Scheme Assessment Guidelines do not explicitly cover this type of business.

To be granted Park Mark Freight, a parking facility must demonstrate a wide range of responsibilities, which includes low crime, measures in place to enhance the safety of people and vehicles, good management and operations, and exemplary customer service. Facilities are subject to an annual assessment to ensure these high standards are maintained. Lorry parks with the Park Mark Freight award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark tick so that drivers and hauliers know exactly where to go for safer parking.

Brian Rawlinson from Newark and Sherwood District Council said “This award is a great asset to us; it lets drivers and hauliers know we continue to be serious at Newark about protecting them and their vehicles. To be the first lorry park to receive the award within the Midlands is a fantastic achievement.”

Peter Gravells, British Parking Association Area Manager said: “I am delighted that Newark Lorry Park has achieved the Park Mark Freight award, demonstrating the hard work and commitment made in providing a safe environment for users.”

David Lancaster, Roaming Assessor, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives said "I am delighted to award Newark Lorry Park the Park Mark Freight award, this first of its type in the Nottingham Police area and in the East Midlands of England. The lorry park provides excellent facilities incorporating all aspects of safety, security, and exemplary management practices."

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Posted in Latest Awards by ParkMark on 11 January 2023