Roaring success as Red Lion Truck Stop gains Park Mark Freight award

Parking facility shares pride at receiving prestigious police-approved Safer Parking Scheme award

The Red Lion Truck Stop operated by Ali Sadrudin has been awarded the Park Mark Freight award. This award recognises that the parking and driver facilities in place actively help to deter crime and reduce the fear of crime at all times within lorry parking areas.

The Park Mark Freight award is issued to lorry parking facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association. The assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage, and cleanliness. These criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Ali Sadrudin from Red Lion Truck Stop said, "This award is a great asset to us and lets drivers and hauliers know we continue to be serious about protecting them and their vehicles. To receive the award is a fantastic achievement.”

Peter Gravells, British Parking Association Area Manager said: “I am delighted that Red Lion Truck Stop has achieved the Park Mark Freight award as it demonstrates the hard work and commitment being made in providing a safe environment for the users.”

Sharon Henley, Police Assessor -Northamptonshire Police, said ‘I am delighted to award Red Lion Truck Stop with the Park Mark Freight award. The lorry park provides excellent facilities incorporating all aspects of safety, security and exemplary management practices.

Lorry parks with the Park Mark Freight award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark tick so that drivers / hauliers know exactly where to go for safer parking. Early adopters of the scheme saw a dramatic drop in vehicle-related crime of over 80% showing that the initiative really does make a difference.

Posted in Latest Awards by ParkMark on 10 February 2023