Stop Press! Park Mark Freight award for 'The Stop' at The Hollies Truckstop

Roadside facility in Cannock receives highest industry accolade

The Stop at The Hollies is the latest recipient of a prestigious Park Mark Freight award. This award recognises that the parking and driver facilities in place actively help to deter crime and reduce the fear of crime at all times within lorry parking areas.

The Park Mark Freight award is issued to lorry parking facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the police and the British Parking Association. The assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage, and cleanliness. These criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Mike Heaton, Head of Estate Development for Roadside Services at Certas Energy, said: “We are delighted to have received this prestigious industry award. The commendation helps to reinforce and independently affirm our dedication to improving the safety and security of driver facilities in the UK, one stop at a time.”

Matt Robinson from BPA said: “We would like to congratulate The Stop at The Hollies for achieving the Park Mark Freight award. We were impressed with the time and care taken to uphold and champion the highest standards at the site. This award demonstrates the value of the roadside facilities on offer and how important driver welfare, site security, and creating a safe environment is to Certas Energy.”

Kully Tanda from Staffordshire Police said: “The commitment shown by the operators of The Hollies Truck Stop to put in place a range of security measures that will reduce criminal opportunity, providing a more secure and safer environment for hauliers and drivers over the long term is greatly welcomed by Staffordshire Police. The Park Mark Freight Award is a worthy reflection upon this, and is an example of what can be accomplished with an understanding of the nature of freight crime and effective security countermeasures that can be provided to reduce risk.”

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Posted in Latest Awards by ParkMark on 20 April 2023