The Art of Safer Parking

Park Mark gets a facelift in a new human camouflage art campaign. This video shows how the campaign was created using the scheme's criteria translated into human stories. In this ad the brand logo was used as a backdrop to highlight the surveillance criteria with people as the main focus. When car crime occurs there is tangible evidence, but how people feel is less obvious. Certain places can affect our mood, make us feel happy or fearful depending on colour, lighting and atmosphere. The campaign aims to highlight that the scheme is as much about people as it is about vehicles, including those that work behind the scenes to make our car parks safer.

In total four adverts were created, a small selection of the many different types of parking facilities in the UK. One has a green wall, another bright colours and LED lighting and another had a commissioned mural even though graffiti is prohibited under the scheme. When you see this one though it will make you smile. Look out for the adverts on buses, transport links and social media this summer.